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Listing Features

Individuals and Organizations can provide various details to help website users make better-informed decisions. The following are just some of the details that are available to all Users, regardless of their Listing Package.

  • Business and/or Users Name
  • A Full Featured Description Block
  • Email Address (Not publicly viewable)
  • Region
  • Location (Map / Driving Directions)
  • Open Hours
  • Related Listings (Links to Organization’s other Listings)
  • Tags
  • Categories


Listing Fields

This is a required field.

In 52 characters or less, add a Title to help draw attention to or identify a product, a business or a brand. Include any of your keywords if they fit naturally, as this is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

e.g. Custom Made Adobe Fireplaces

This is an optional, but recommended field.

It is only required if you wish to be located on various maps throughout the platform, and/or provide driving directions to potential customers.

The Region you specify for your Listing will give people the general vicinity of your organization’s location.

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